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An example of the main monitor UI
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An example of the main monitor UI with a different location
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The secondary monitor UI
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The main interfaces
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The secondary monitor wallpaper selector

Finished Project

Interactive Desktop Environment

Designed as a skin for Rainmeter, a desktop customization tool, and using Lua for Scripting, my IDE is a way to quickly access frequently used applications and data in a visually appealing overlay for a desktop. It allows a user to change between live wallpapers, see a count of their emails and access them, maintain a to-do list, shutdown/restart/logoff from their PC, and even their own network of connected devices (and control them).

Based on the UI from Elite: Dangerous, this personal project was specialised towards my needs and devices. I wanted to be able to set the mood of my virtual environment without having to interact with many different menus.

The system uses Lua scripts to perform the more dynamic aspects of the interface. The to-do list modifies a text file using Lua scripting, and the wallpaper swapping and returning location specific information is also performed throught Lua scripting. I use Wallpaper Engine to display the live wallpapers, and Lua scripts perform console commands to direct Wallpaper Engine to change wallpaper.

This is a highly specialised system, and I do not currently have any intent to distribute the source code. However, I have provided a demonstration video on my YouTube channel, and you can access this at the link below.