Finished Project


Asteroids Recreation
Mini2DEngine was my first foray into C++ in game development. I believe that developing games without an engine is one of the best ways to learn a new language, and decided to create a rudimentary 2D game engine to practice the core components of C++, such as memory-management.

Mini2DEngine manages object lifespans, levels, the basic game loop, object interaction, encapsulation, sprites, text and keyboard and mouse I/O. This allows the creation of simple games such as the Asteroids recreation I producing using the engine. There are many possibilities for expansion, but for now it is finished.

Core systems were designed based on the Gamemaker engine, and it uses a library called Simple Dynamic media Layer (SDL) to streamline complex processes.

Finished Game

Asteroids - Recreation

The first game to be produced with this engine was a recreation of the 1979 arcade classic, Asteroids. I recreated this simple game to help guide the engine development process and showcase its functionality.

You can download the game using the link below, and access the code through the Mini2DEngine Github files.
Asteroids Recreation