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The start of the tutorial level
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Approaching the start of the game
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Terrain tilemap
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Player spritesheet

Main Project

Shifting Sands

My main game project, Shifting Sands is a puzzle platformer inspired by works such as Hollow Knight and Celeste. Made with Gamemaker Studio 2, with art, design, shaders, and code made by me.

It follows the young Dr Kai Izem, a doctor of cultural anthropology, as he is asked to investigate some ruins found the Libyan Sahara.

Soon he is thrust into a strange underground world, filled with magic and strange creatures. Using a new found ability to shift his place in time, he must solve temporal puzzles and boolean algebra to escape.
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Shifting Sands

What I'm Learning

Skill Development

Game Programming

I'm programming the game using GML, and lessons learned here can be applied elsewhere. I am self-taught using the documentation provided, and the lively community.

Game Design

I'm designing the game from its roots upwards, learning the game design process as I go. As this is a project aimed at learning, the design process runs along side the development.


I'm producing all art in the game, focusing on pixelart made in Aseprite. Self-taught, using resources available on YouTube and beyond, it is challenging but immensely satisfying.


As my first large-scale project, I am learning to keep pushing myself further, even when the going gets tough. I take great pride in my ability to always find a way forward.