Game Jam

Yogscast Game Jam 2021

This was my second game jam, and produced by far the better game. I worked on this solo for one week, producing the art, code, and general design. Music was purchased online before the jam began.

Called Prismatic, this game is about combining colours of light to produce different effects in a unique pixelart tower defence. Unlike a normal tower defence, progress isn't simply made by placing down more towers. Strategy in positioning, and particularly rotation, is much more significant.

The game was also shown during Jingle Jam 2021, a charity livestream that runs in the first two weeks of December. It was received very well, and the founder of the Yogscast, Lewis Brindley, named it as his favourite game of the jam. You can watch that here. Due to it's reception, and the enjoyment I got from this project, I have decided to keep working on Prismatic. I plan to release a full version on Steam some time in mid-to-late 2022.